• Why Use Edfa3ly Service?

    While a picture may be worth a thousand words, we hope the following video will help explain our services. If not, please speak with one of our live agents by pressing Chat Now or call us at 16546

  • How it works?

    Edfa3ly.com is a personal shopper offering its customers to shop from any US Store/website, and have their ordered items shipped right to their doorstep. All you have to do is use our Mini cart application (see the video) which will help you to add your desired products to Edfa3ly cart and we will purchase the order and ship it to your doorstep.

  • How do I contact Customer Service?

    Your satisfaction is very important to Edfa3ly. You can use this tool to find answers and information to many common questions.
    If you would like to communicate with a Customer Service Representative, you can reach them through the following channels:

    • 1. Chat, by pressing 'Live Chat!' button at the home page (10:00 AM - 7:00PM, Saturday through Thursday)
    • 2. Phone, by calling 16546 (10:00 AM - 7:00PM, Saturday through Thursday).
    • 3. Email us at : customercare@edfa3ly.com.eg.
    • 4. Our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/edfa3ly.
  • What's your payment methods?

    You can pay for the orders using:-

    • 1- Ask for a runner to your address.
    • 2- Deposit into our Barclays bank - AAIB bank - CIB bank accounts.
    • 3- Use our online gateway to pay using your Visa or master card online.
    • 4- Through Fawry service.
    • 4- Through Wallety service.
  • What is the online price?

    Online price is the price for the item without adding any other cost such as domestic shipping or domestic Taxes. It is the price that you always see when you look for the item online.

  • What is the domestic shipping?

    It is the shipping cost that the website charges to deliver the item to our office in the USA. Sometimes it's free shipping like Zappos, sometimes it's flat fee like Ralph Lauren ($8), sometimes it depends on the amount like Macy's and sometimes it's free after a certain amount like Old Navy (free shipping over $50).

  • What is the domestic taxes?

    It's the tax that you pay inside USA imposed by some websites. The only way to find out whether there is a domestic tax on your order or not is to go for the checkout with the website and see if there is a tax or not applied on your order.

  • What is the fee?

    This is the fee for our service, and it's a percentage from the online price only which includes domestic shipping or domestic taxes, but we have a minimum of $3

  • What is the international shipping fee?

    It's the shipping charges that we charge you to deliver the item from USA to Egypt,We charge you $6 per LB (half kilo).

  • What is customs?

    Customs duty are imposed by the Egyptian government (Tariff) including sales taxes in Egypt.It varies from item to item, for an example; it's 10% for laptops and computer, 5% for books, 20% electronics and 40% for clothing. Customs are taken from the online price+ domestic shipping (if there is any) +domestic taxes (if there is any).

  • How can I figure out the total cost of an item?

    You can use the online calculator at or Home page Which will provide you with the Exact cost of an item instantly.

  • If my order contains several items from one or more than website, do you wait till you receive all the items at Efda3ly US office to forward the order in one shipment to Edfa3ly Egypt office?

    No, we forward the received item (s) to Edfa3ly Egypt office regardless the delivery time of the rest of the item (s).

  • When do I pay the balance?

    Total except the international shipping is due upon proceeding with the order and international shipping is due upon receiving the item(s).

  • Do you deliver the item(s) to my house?

    Yes we do for specific fees and in some cases it can take up to two days to deliver your order or any of its items, or you can pick it up if you prefer

  • Can you purchase from eBay,Ubid, or any other online auction site?

    Yes, we bid on your behalf.

  • Can I return an item (s)?

    Yes you can return your items back and the return process starts after the arrival of the item (s) to our office in Egypt (we do not return the item (s) after the shipping from the seller/website or from our warehouse in USA), and also the return is according to the return policy of seller/website.

  • Can I buy from a website not listed in your Stores catalogue list?

    Yes you can, these sites are only for your reference, but you can choose a website that we don't have in the list, but it has to be trusted.

  • Can you do subscriptions on my behalf?

    We do not subscribe on your behalf to any online services as they require an auto renewal option which isn't a part of our service

  • Can you ship the order to USA instead of Egypt and how would you charge me?

    Yes, we do ship to any US Address and we do it for free you will only pay the fees then

  • What items can't be delivered through Edfa3ly?

    Edfa3ly cannot deliver items that are prohibited or require special handling due to country, importing regulations.


      • Musical instruments and some of its relatives
      • Religious books
      • Cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco or other tobacco products
      • Certain radio transmitters and cordless phones not approved for use in your country
      • Alcohol products / beverages
      • Gambling apparatus, lottery tickets and other similar prize tickets issued in foreign countries
      • Products relating to the sex industry including sex toys, clothing, equipment, pornographic material and erotic publications
      • Any religious products


    • Controlled chemicals: including substances which are precursors or chemicals for manufacture of dangerous drugs or psychotropic substances
    • Narcotic drugs
    • Unlicensed drugs
    • Infectious substances
    • Perfumes and sprays
    • Loose lithium batteries


    • noxious, hazardous, inflammable including perfume, LI-Batteries, Firecrackers and fireworks, explosive or Offensive weapons, sharp items such as kitchen knives and swords, Irradiating apparatus and radioactive materials or may become noxious, hazardous, inflammable, explosive or offensive or radioactive or may become liable to cause damage to any person or property whatsoever whether prescribed by laws or otherwise.
    • Imitation arms including toy guns, toy pistols, hand grenades
    • Ammunition and associated products
    • Munitions of war
    • Cigarette lighters of pistols or revolver shape
  • What happens if I received my goods & they are damaged?

    We do guarantee your shipment to reach you on the same condition that you bought which means that if you got your package damaged you get a full refund instantly.

  • Does Edfa3ly cover/guarantee the manufacturing defects?

    No, Edfa3ly doesn't cover/gurantee the manufacuring defects.

  • What is your delivery commitment time?

    - We deliver the orders/items with express shipping within 5- 14 business days from the date of payment.

    - We deliver the standard orders/items with standard shipping within 8 - 21 business days from its arrival to our US office.

  • How many days my order should take to be delivered to Edfa3ly US office?

    This is variable as it depend on the delivery commitment time of each seller/website however if the seller/website ships from inside USA it takes an average of 5 - 8 business days and if the seller/website ships from outside USA it takes a period of 3 - 8 weeks to be delivered to our office is USA.

  • What is the return fees?

    We return your item(s) for 35$ per half kilo if the seller/website is in USA, if not, Return fees will be calculated according to seller/website location.

  • How do warranties work?


    All warranties are held with the original suppliers of the product. Products are purchased on behalf of client by www.edfa3ly.com. Invoices are issued to clients upon receipt of their goods. www.edfa3ly.com will assist in sending any items back to suppliers; however this will be at the client's expense.

  • Are all the websites/products eligible for express shipping?

    No, it depend on the seller/website also depend on the product itself, so when you place the order and choose the express shipping type; we revise the order and get back to you by email if it is not eligible for the express shipping.

  • Do you accept payments in non-EGP?

    No, we accept only payments in EGP