No Edfa3ly Fees
50 EGP per 100 grams
100% off customs
No fair usage policy!
    10 days FREE
    one month for 1 199.00 EGP
Business Package
50% off customs
50% off VAT on customs
25 EGP per 100 grams
    10 days FREE
    one month for 1 349.00 EGP
PRO Package
100% off customs
100% off VAT on customs
100% off Edfa3ly fees
67 EGP per 100gm
No fair usage policy!
    10 days FREE
    one month for 1 249.00 EGP
Saver PLUS
13 EGP per 100 gm
No fair usage policy!
    10 days FREE
    one month for 1 99.00 EGP

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