Terms and conditions

Welcome to Edfa3ly. These are the terms and conditions governing your access to and use of the website Edfa3ly.com

By accessing, browsing, and using our website or any of our applications through whatever platform and/or by placing your order, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below




-       We will send notices and any pertinent information to you on the e-mail address you provided while registering to Edfa3ly website or have subsequently updated.

-       You can contact us through the channels mentioned on the contact us page (Facebook, Whatsapp , hotline 16546 and E-mail ).

-       Requests placed past our working hours that need immediate action from our side are not valid.


Account and Registration


-       Customers can only own one registered account and Edfa3ly has the right to suspend any user with multiple accounts.

-       Edfa3ly has the right to ask for verification through the phone, email or at the front office to verify the account holder.

-       Edfa3ly might ask you for a copy of your national ID, when needed, to avoid shipment(s) held/delays in customs.

-       Your National ID should be Valid.

-       The name you register with on your Edfa3ly account should match your name on your national ID, to avoid any issues at customs clearance. Changing the name of the airway bill after the process of shipping will cost you 500 EGP.

-       We will only be responsible for the delay if you already uploaded your ID when it was requested.



Applicable law

By using any Edfa3ly Service, you agree that the Federal Arbitration Act, applicable federal law, and the laws of the UK, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these Conditions of Use and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and Edfa3ly.



Placingyour order


-       You will need to read the product(s) listing carefully to make sure products that arrive match the seller's description. (E.g. making sure your electronic product's voltage matches your country's voltage system).

-       All Facebook page calculations/quotations or any other means that are affiliated with us are just estimates.

-       Edfa3ly will issue a claim reimbursement which includes all actual expenses paid on behalf of the customer, and the customer has no rights to claim for any original or supporting documents mentioned in the company’s claim reimbursement.

-       You are responsible of filling in your order's specifications accurately as written on the seller's listing such as your product's color, size or model to avoid any delays in the review process or any wrongly received products.

-       General Size charts may give approximate values and measurements, therefore your product(s) sizing may not match the measurements mentioned on the chart.

-       The maximum number of items you can place in your cart per order is 30.

-       Only one coupon code can be issued per person per account.

-       Coupons are not redeemable for cash and are valid for one time & one purchase only.

- We only accept payments in Egyptian pounds as per the central bank of Egypt regulations.


Review & Purchasing


-       Reviewing your order will be within one business day and It will be purchased within two business days from the payment date.

-       Domestic shipping fees & rates are charged by the seller and it will be added to your order after the review process.

-       You can cancel/edit your item(s) before you pay for it, once you pay, cancellation/ edit won’t be available. It can only be canceled if we haven’t purchased it yet.

-       Cancelling/ holding the whole order option won’t be applicable to bid items/ make offer items.   

-       Edfa3ly does not guarantee to deliver the gifts/samples your order might include on the seller's website.

-       The price you are notified of during the review process can be changed, if it gets changed after you make your payment we will notify you by email.

-       You can choose the Final cost option while placing your order (from the beginning) which means after you make your order (mostly within the same day) we will review it and apply the estimated weight on your order.

-       Final cost orders cannot be reweighted when they reach our office in Egypt.

-       Quantity limitations may change according to authorities or customs regulations.

-       Categories and tariffs are set according to customs regulations & authorities.

-       The maximum quantity of Products that require approvals from the Ministry of Communications or the Ministry of Health, such as mobile phones, supplements, Bluetooth devices and wireless devices, is 2 per year per customer.

-       If you are ordering a car/motorcycle spare part, your driving license may be requested.

-   Please be informed that your order will be canceled automatically after 15- 22 days in case you didn’t pay it.



Ordering item(s) on your own Responsibility 


If you accepted to get any of the prohibited items on your own responsibility, you have to be aware of the below:

·       Item(s) might be held at customs with unlimited service level.

·       Item(s) might require you to physically go to clear it from customs checkpoint.

·       Edfa3ly return/refund policy is not applied on this item(s).

·       We are aware that this product(s) might have been shipped in the past without responsibility, however, customs rules & regulations change all the time.



Returns from our warehouse at the US


-       Edfa3ly may return your order if it hasn’t been shipped from our warehouse at US\UK after checking the availability with the seller.

-       Only items from sellers based in the US- UK can be returned (if the return was approved by the seller).

-       Products shipped from Asian countries are not returnable.

-       Sellers/Merchants policy will be considered.

-       Additional fees such as (Restocking fees – drop off fees– shipping fees-etc.) will be charged, if applicable.

-       Edfa3ly has the right to cancel\stop the return service from the warehouses during high peak seasons or based on a specific circumstance.


Shipping, Clearance & Storage


-       Edfa3ly's service level starts when the shipment arrives at one of our warehouses, the period before we receive the order(s) at any of our warehouses depends on the seller, not Edfa3ly.

-       Edfa3ly is not responsible for any delay may cause from the seller side while shipping your order to one of our warehouses.

-       Some categories such as (cosmetics, makeup, mobile phones, tablets, supplements, Bluetooth devices and wireless) may face delays during customs clearance which may exceed our service level.

-       The weight mentioned on the seller's site is an approximation and may not be exact.

-       If you accepted to get any of the prohibited items on your own responsibility and it got held\ rejected by the customs authorities, Edfa3ly will not be responsible for any loss, damage, delay or customs clearance delays, also Refund and Reorder terms and conditions will not be applicable in such case.

-       Once your order reaches our local office and be ready for delivery, we will store it for you, free of charge, for a period of up to 20 days, after 20 days your order might be deemed abandoned and we may dispose of it in any manner permitted by law.

-       Some products may arrive opened/unsealed due to customs clearance and checking process, in such a case, Edfa3ly will not be able to refund or return those products.

-       By default, the international shipping fees (weight fees) are to be determined and applied when we receive your order to our Egypt office and get it weighed unless you requested to pay the final cost while placing your order.





Returns & Refunds


-        Due to the current circumstances, all refunds may take up to 30 calendar days. 

-        Edfa3ly guarantees to deliver the items in the same condition stated by the seller.

-        Edfa3ly.com is responsible for delivering the product with the exact specifications you have set on the date you have ordered.

-        We guarantee to get you the size you applied during making your order, but we don't guarantee the fitting size. e.g. (if you order size Large and the item comes in small we will provide you with the right to either reorder it or get a refund for it, But if you order Size Large and the item comes in Large but it doesn't fit you, We will not guarantee or be responsible in such a case).

-       In case you request a return, we will contact the seller upon your request regarding product exchanges or return. we will arrange for the return only if approved by the seller.  Also, we will apply the applicable return charges (Depends on the item's weight or Dimension and the seller's return charges).

-       Chinese clothes usually come with a Chinese size tag that displays larger sizes, after referring to the size guide, if proven right, the product(s) will not be canceled.

-       In case you requested to return an item and it is returnable, the item should be unused, unwashed and unworn in its original condition and you must return it in the certain time frame you will be advised to return within.

-       Please be advised that we cannot accept returns for Some items due to hygiene reasons. (E.g.: underwear, swimwear, etc).

-       Edfa3ly only guarantees defects caused by the shipping process.

-       Edfa3ly does not guarantee the physical or technical damaged / defection caused by the voltage.

-       Edfa3ly does not guarantee the physical or technical condition of any used/refurbished items even if it did not match the seller's description.

-       In the case of receiving a physically damaged product(s) from the shipping company, the incident should be reported within 2 days starting from the delivery date (including regular and national holidays) to be able to take the proper action, reporting past this period will not be valid.

-       When receiving your order from the local office, it is recommended to do a regular check on product(s) physical condition, Quantity and all the components related, reporting any issue past leaving the office will not be valid.

-       Refunds are to be done through the same payment method you used.

-       Credit card refunds can take from 5 to 10 business days to be reflected on your bank account, the whole process is controlled by the bank, not Edfa3ly.

-       Transaction number of any credit card refund won’t be available from our side.

-       In the case of loss or damage of all or part of a shipment, Edfa3ly will guarantee you refund or reorder after passing (Exceeding) the service level (Which is from 8-21 business days from the day we receive the order to our US warehouse).

-       Edfa3ly is only responsible for returning the product if it doesn't match the seller's product description and It doesn’t guarantee the quality of items you order.

-       Product package might arrive with damage due to the shipping process, in this case, refund/ reorder won’t be valid as long as the product itself is not affected.


Circumstances beyond Our Control


-       Due to the current circumstances and the uncertainly surrounding the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), you may experience shipping delays that may exceed our service level.


-       Edfa3ly is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of circumstances beyond Edfa3ly control. These include but are not limited to: natural disasters or acts of God, for example, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, storm, flood, fog; plane crash or embargo; war, riot, civil commotion or industrial action; epidemics or pandemics; power cuts, communications or other utility disruptions; governmental action or inaction; any defect or characteristic related to the nature of a shipment, or erasure of electronic or photographic images, data or recordings due to electrical or magnetic interference.


-       We deal with third-party domestic couriers that are solely responsible for their brands and their employees. But we will keep on following up with them to make sure to provide you with the best quality.

-     Order final total may vary in case of force majeure events or any change in the customs tariff or patterns.


Edfa3ly as delegate

You chose edfa3ly to follow all import, export, and customs clearance operations and to pay all customs dues and taxes to the competent tax and customs authorities.


Customer legally contracts with Edfa3ly US, which in turn fulfills the customer’s order. Edfa3ly US authorizes Edfa3ly Egypt to collect the full amount of the customer’s order in EGP after adding its fees and the expenses of the service which makes the sum of what collected in EGP is the equivalent of total order in foreign currency plus Edfa3ly Egypt fees and commission.



Elite Terms & Conditions



-       Edfa3ly ELITE is only valid for personal, non-commercial use ONLY.

-       Elite packages are eligible for all categories and are not tailored for one specific category.

-       Elite packages that have been used cannot be cancelled due to any category restrictions set due to authority regulations.


-       Auto-renewal:  We do not automatically charge you after the subscription ends, you will have to renew it manually.

-       Validity:  Subscription period is valid since payment date and up to subscription end date.

-       Payment validity:  Discounted subscriptions' orders must be paid within the subscription period.

-       Cancellation:  Subscriptions are not refundable once purchased unless you didn't benefit from the package (0 discounts acquired) and this within its validity period.


-       Combination with other promos:  ELITE membership packages cannot be combined with any other promotions/discount coupons offered on Edfa3ly.

-       Plans preferences:  Subscription plans are not guaranteed to stay the same. We own the right to amend them without prior notice, including active subscriptions.
Parallel subscriptions:  Only one subscription can be issued per person per account.

-       Expiration:  Package expire at the end date of the subscription period or in case of reaching discount limitation and you can purchase a new package right after.

-       Fair usage policy:  All subscription packages have a maximum total orders limit per subscription period, calculated as follows: Order Total + Discount – International Shipping Fees, hover over each time plan to check it or upon time plan selection.

-       Exclusions:  Online service products are always excluded from ELITE discounts.

-       Membership suspension:  We own the right to cancel memberships that do not comply with any of the above terms and conditions without the slightest responsibility, with no prior notice.





Last update: 22 November 2020