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Your items are fully insured, cleared from customs & delivered to your doorstep
  • Whatever you order, your items are fully insured and custom-cleared.
  • We guarantee that you get your items wrapped and repackaged, in case on breakage or loss, you will receive a FULL REFUND.
  • We Ship Everywhere, wherever your location in Egypt, we’ll deliver to your doorstep

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  • Charging only by the gross weight of your package, you will pay 138.00 EGP per half a kilo.
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    Get your items within 8-21 business days.
  • Our fees on standard shipping, for all stores and items, from item’s arrival to US Office until it reaches our Egypt Office, tax included.
  • Our prices will never burn a hole in your pocket

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NOW you can buy anything, anytime, without paying customs, VAT on customs, shipping or pay 85% of its online price only
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